Next Time Take the Train!

This week Julie or I or both were traveling to San Francisco for work. We have attempted to be good citizens and take public transit. After a few tries it seems like driving to SJ downtown caltrain then taking the baby bullet to 4th and King then a MUNI streetcar is best. We also tried driving to Milbrae BART but that didn’t seem good either as the drive time was ridiculous. The main drag is needing to allow up to 2 hours for travel.

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  1. Julie

    Yeah, it’s a lot of travel time. Workable for unique situations (taking a class, working a short stint with a temporary client) but would be lousy as a regular thing.

    The days where you’re in Mountain View and I’m in SF seem like the best commute. Carpool up to MV, I take the train up to SF, and then train back to MV in the evening and meet you for a dinner somewhere in downtown MV.

    Of course, I may feel differently about this once it starts raining and/or being below 50 degrees during the day. 🙂

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