Let’s Go Sha-arks!

Went to a hockey game yesterday, and despite it being the first regulation loss for the San Jose Sharks at home, it was still a great time. Everyone should go to a hockey game!

I like hockey. It is more fast paced than baseball or football, and the setup and environment (ice, skates, sticks, pads) makes for an action packed time. I thought I wrote up the game I went to while in Calgary, but I guess I didn’t… or maybe it was lost during that total lapse of judgement. Anyway, when I was in Calgary I saw the Flames lose to Dallas. I’m not a Flames fan. In fact, I’m only a casual Sharks fan. I like watching live sports, and I find it easy to get swept up in the team I’m rooting for. That being said, when I was in Calgary I rooted for them, but I live in San Jose, so when Calgary took their Flames to task against the Sharks, I’m rooting for the Sharks!

I met Kevin and Julie where she works and we walked down to the HP Pavilion (best name ever) or as it’s also know, the Shark Tank. There are a lot of entrances into the arena so it was very quick to get in. We did a quick walkaround to see what our food choices were as Julie heard there were a couple local restaurants that were represented inside. She opted for a Rainbow Roll and Tofu from a sushi place (SUSHI!) and Kevin and I hit up Una Mas. I am normally perfectly happy with whatever hot-dog-like food is served at live sports, but I figured a burrito would be more filling. Julie got us some Gordon Biersch Märzen and we headed up to our seats in upper reserved. One day I’ll sit in lower reserved, and maybe I’ll sit up against the glass, but the Sharks are having possibly their best season ever, and tickets are a premium. The seats are set up well enough that the view is good from almost everywhere, so the satisfaction with the seats is related to the crowd.

Hockey has a fun crowd. People get a lot more fired up than any other live sports I’ve seen. I think that’s because there’s a lot going on in a hockey game besides where the puck is, and I haven’t tuned myself to really see everything yet. Watching line changes, where the goalie’s looking, setting up shooters in front of the net, and a lot more goes on. You don’t see much of this on TV, so this is why I recommend everyone to go to a live game. You get a lot more out of seeing it all. The people in the crowd will help you get excited. The involvement level is a lot higher and the way hockey is run there is a lot less downtime.

The chanting is my favorite. “Let’s go sha-arks!” followed by clap-clap-clap-clap-clap (1, 2, 3-and-4… for those rhythmically minded). There was someone across the aisle where we were sitting who started a couple good ones. I must do this next time. The Sharks started great with a big goal almost in the first minute which got everyone up on their feet. The “Hey” song played after the goals is a great one to get fired up on. The name is “Rock and Roll (Part 2)” by Gary Glitter. I’d never heard Part 1 until just now when I was looking for part 2. I think I’ll limit my listening of this song to when I’m at hockey, sorry Gary.

Hopefully I can go to a couple more games this season, and maybe see some wins! Go Sharks!

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  1. Unfortunately, the burrito was on the small side, especially considering the price (which is expected at sporting venues, but is still annoying). How about the nachos?

    While hockey is a more international sport (compared to basketball and baseball), you can hear the American influences when someone shouts “Hit him!”

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