Being a Statistic or… Employment. Pfssht.

Some people may have noticed somewhat cryptic twitter and facebook updates of late. Well the short form is I was let go on Friday last. Yah, seriously. Buy me a beer.

Call it whatever: terminated, downsized, RiF’d, laid off, or (my favorite) made redundant — I don’t have that job anymore. That job I had for 6 years. Man, that’s an eternity in IT-land. I won’t discuss too many of the specifics as there’s really nothing positive there; it just degrades into a pity party… in which I’m perfectly happy to indulge once the beer appears. If you want me to skip over the pity party and really get into negativity land angry mode, buy me a beer AND a Scotch.

I’ve decided to find a new job… soon. The economy sucks on the whole, but there do seem to be jobs here and there so I figure it’s just a matter of working contacts, getting the hunting cap on, and standing up for the headhunters. I haven’t updated my résumé yet. (Anyone else wonder why we use foreign words for “job history” — résumé and CV?) When I do I’ll probably post it and make a note here. For now I’m looking around and noticing all sorts of stuff that need to get done. Here’s a short list of things I’ll be working on (or have worked on) and let’s see what sticks.

Ukulele album — I’ve been threatening to do this and now I actually have time. I really like playing ukulele and I have next to no recordings of it at all. I should pick some songs and record them. If only so I can hear what I sound like so I can get better.

Computer cleanup — I have… a lot of older computers. Got a Dual 1.8 G5, a G4 Powerbook, a G4 iMac (the hinged screen one that stuck its tongue out in that old ad) Clearly, I don’t need them all. I’m currently negotiating with a place that buys back older macs to see if I can trade it all in for a new iMac so I’ll only have that and my laptop (oh yeah, and the server powering and Julie’s computers…)

House cleanup — There’s a desk that needs a very thorough cleaning. And I have my old work-desk’s worth of stuff that I need to throw out with extreme predjudice. Also a closet full of clothes that don’t fit anymore. Right on Julie and me for getting into a good eating and exercising routine but WTF for keeping a lot of the extra clothes.

Exercise — Speaking of exercise, I can really step up sledging and maybe add some more to the mix. I’m somewhat tempted to try Krav Maga or one of the martial-arts cardio classes at Santa Clara’s Academy of Self Defense; Two week free trial! Or at least ride my bike or skateboard some more. Update: I just walked 3.5 miles for lunch then a half mile back home.

Car maintenance — I changed out the serpentine belt of my car myself and probably saved something on the order of $150 bucks.

Appeasing the (cat) gods — raised a small amount of heck at the SJ Animal shelter to get them to adjust the license expiration for the cats’ tags so we wouldn’t get fined the $100 each. Plus now I get to see what they do all day while we’re not around. So far, it ain’t much.

There’s probably more to do, and I’ll keep doing it as long as I am able. I’ll need to take responsibility for the income soon, but for now I’m really enjoying not being part of the daily grind for really the first time in a long while.

When’s that beer coming?

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  1. Julie

    Tonight–that’s when the beer is coming. Hooray for $1 pints at Rock Bottom!

    I am all in favor of your list o’ activities, by the way. 🙂

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