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Party at Afreen’s!

Julie and I went to former co-worker Afreen’s apartment on Saturday and had a good time.

Hannah, Amanda, Sean, Sharina, Will, Mui, and their kids Calvin and their daughter (whose name escapes me unfortunately!) were there at Afreen’s. It’s funny, she lives in an apartment complex that I think actually bumps into where Julie and I lived when were in Sunnyvale many moons ago.

Afreen is a wonderful cook and we had samosas and lots of other tasty goodies. We also played our favorite card game Pit which always results in a furious amount of good natured yelling.

Despite the abundance of former co-workers there was very little work-related talk which is always a good sign. Mui took a picture of Hannah, Amanda, Julie and me and here it is. The smiling is totally natural because we all had a good time. Thanks Afreen!

Bunny ears on Julie
Bunny ears on Julie

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