Ukulele Fans: Major Tom!

I can’t believe I recorded twice this month. This is awesome! And it’s one I’ve been waiting a while to do. It’s not just one recording… and yet it is two songs. Let’s listen together.

The Major medley can be found here:

Yup. It’s a medley. I remember when I first heard “Space Oddity” by David Bowie. It is an awesome song. Pete Schilling’s “Coming Home” is also awesome! Turns out Mr. Schilling (or is it Herr Schilling?) is German! Much like 99 Red Balloons, and Der Kommissar this is a German pop song rendered into English.

I remember coming across the chord chart for Space Oddity very early in my ukulele career. It was one of those “wow I want to play that” songs. The tricky bit is the chord for the first part of the line, “Here am I sitting in my tin can…” It’s a chord I never learned to do in any classes I had taken at the time, and when I looked it up, the fingering is one of those awful ones that requires a separate finger on each string. Turns out there’s a shortcut method that only uses two fingers, and all of a sudden, I could play Bowie!

I think it was Julie that first brought up that I should look up the “other Major Tom song” and make it a medley. I had never put two and two together to connect the two songs though I’d been singing along to them for a while. I looked up a chord chart for “Coming Home” and lookee here, it starts on E-minor while “Space Oddity” ends on E-major, though in the recording it fades out with a spacey solo. I little creative strumming and I had my transition.

Here’s the chord chart for Space Oddity and the one for Coming Home.

Thus I’ve put forth another fun ukulele recording. I hope you like it. For details about the other recordings, check these out:
Dance in the Rain
This Song Will Guide You Home
I’m Not Scared Anymore
This is What You Get

Hmmm… what to record next?

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  1. cordelia

    I can’t believe I haven’t seen this until now! What excellent craftsmanship! You are a talent! and a joy!

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