Today in Food: Monday 6/20

2 eggs fried over easy
1 oz smoked salmon

Lunch: jamaican jerk pork loin
pork loin
cup green beans
mango + black bean salsa
some parmesan cheese

Dinner: Surf &Turf at home!
8 oz tri-tip
4 oz grilled shrimp
1 cup bell peppers
2 oz mushrooms

Myfitnesspal entry

Fruits and Veggies: 6 – ok
Calories: 1508 – good
Carbs: 57 – good
Protein: 152 – Great!

Further notes:
I *love* grilling, so no problem gorging on that dinner meal; especially with it being mostly low carb. Gotta watch the omega-6 fats, but it was ok. Also it helped to swim post dinner, probably.

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