Today in Food: Wednesday 6/22

2 eggs fried over easy
1 oz smoked salmon
2 figs (Different!)

Lunch: leftover steak and bell peppers on top of chef salad
1/2 cup peppers
4 oz steak
hard boiled egg
some cucumber
some ham
some turkey
some cherry tomatoes

Dinner: Malibu Grill Philly on Fire, lettuce wrapped
sliced tri-tip (6 oz?)
2 slices pepper jack
1 cup bell pepper and onions and jalapenos
french fries (WHAT?)

Dailyburn Entry

Fruits and Veggies: 8 – Good
Calories: 1774 – Good enough
Carbs: 94 – high… but still surprisingly under 100!
Protein: 149 – w00t

Further notes:
Odd lapse and I decided to eat the fries that came with my sandwich at dinner. Probably not the best plan, but I’m considering adding in a carb and calorie cheat day to throw my system for a loop. Let’s just see how I do this week.

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