Today in Food: Thursday 1/17/2013

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Fast Day! So much less to enter 😉

Decided to eat from outside instead of cooking, and it mostly worked. I had made a salad for yesterday but didn’t have it (as we went out) so I just mixed that salad PLUS the salad I got at Armadillo Willy’s and added on a sweet potato fries to buoy the calories a bit.


Salad 1:
hard boiled egg
1.5 cups spinach
0.5 cups arugula
2 strips bacon

Salad 2:
2 cups lettuce
2 strips bacon
6 oz pulled pork

3 oz sausage
sweet potato fries

7+ veggies. Good. I continue to be amazed at how many *more* veggies I’m eating. Everyone always focuses on the meatiness of this diet. I blame Atkins for this. Still, I feel healthy, and that’s what counts!

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