Alice Cooper in Vegas

Julie’s been in Las Vegas all week for work. Conference for the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. I was scheduled to go to dramatic Bakersfield for my work. Kinda a raw deal, huh. Well the Bake-o schedule fell through so I flew out to be with her. Awwwww is right.
San Jose airport is still a mess to get into, and people still have major dysfunction understanding how the boarding instructions are carried out for Southwest, but this time free wifi worked on my iPhone so I’m a happy camper.

I had a $4 scotch, neat, on the flight over– start the weekend off right, eh? Apparently “neat” is not a common enough term because I was asked if I wanted ice or a mixer. It is an airplane and not a bar, so I forgave the flight attendant and asked she keep the change.

Took the shuttle out to Julie’s hotel at Mandalay Bay but she had already left to get tickets, so I cabbed it over to the Orleans. The Orleans is definitely a bit more Old Vegas than the Strip. There are a lot more “bookstores” and “arcades” near there. Also Julie pointed out to me the “payroll cashier” line which I’d never seen before. It doesn’t feel inherently unsafe nor dilapidated like some of the downtown casinos but if I weren’t there to see Alice Cooper I’d never be there. Dinner was a reasonable steak at the middle grade steakhouse; there are three ways to get steak at the Orleans: at the buffet, at the high end Prime Rib Loft and where we ate at Canal Street. I might have enjoyed it a bit more had I not had Alexander’s recently.

Man that was a good meal.

The theater for Alice Cooper was a lot smaller than I expected. It felt like one of those theme park live show auditoriums with graduated seating and they harp on you if you don’t move all the way down on your row. We had assigned seating though as soon as the lights came down everyone rushed the stage as there was a large area for standing right there.

Alice Cooper puts on a good show. It was loud. His bandmates shred. His daughters (!!!!) make great dancers. There was no huge skull nor flame jets, but we did get confetti filled 3 foot across balloons that he would pierce with a sword and a mock hanging, so a good time was had by all.

He played all the hits and his energy level was very high. There were a few costne changes–most notably to the white coat and top hat for School’s Out for Summer. The final song was Elected, appropriately enough, and it was a great finish.

I don’t appreciate metal concerts enough. No pot smoke at this show. I think people would get crushed or beat up by the speed freaks. The crowd was all heavy fans and I really like that. Everyone singing along to Lost In America was awesome- “I’m lookin for a girl with a job and a car!”

I probaly did a irreparable damage
To my ears but it was okay enough by the time I got back to the hotel. Speaking of which, the Mandalay Bay hotel is very nice. We were only on the fourth floor, so the view wasn’t that hot until Julie closed the curtain… Woohoo!

Ahem. As I said, a good time was had by all.

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