Driven: Prius… or Why I Miss My Beetle

Asked for two levels up from the bottom at Alamo on Monday in Glendale–bottom is a Chevy Aveo, second is a Cobalt–but instead of the Pontiac G5 I got the Toyota Prius. In White. Short form? Great idea… but it’s still a Toyota.

The good:

  • keyless entry and start and trunk access is pretty awesome; possibly best feature aside from that whole hybrid jazz
  • hd radio is nice
  • backup camera is cool (though I didn’t notice it until day 3)
  • On button. how cool is that?
  • The Bad:

  • Inconsistent interior lighting — they light the steering wheel controls differently than the spedometer/info lights different than the controls for the AC controls… and the internal light dimmer affects them differently!
  • awful visibility rearwards, especially to the right side for lane changes
  • foot-operated parking brake means no e-brake turns
  • less acceleration than I could possibly have imagined
  • the info screen for where the power is going/coming from is nice, but ultimately unnecessary; I just want to drive!
  • Toyota doors… too light, doesn’t feel like a nice solid seal when you shut ’em

  • Don’t get me wrong, Prius gets mondo gas mileage. And it has a lot of nice features besides, but none of that is enough to justify me to let go of my car. I’m sure a better revision from someone else will make me think about it, but right now I’ll keep my gas-guzzling ways.

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    1. Tiffany

      Silly Alan, of course a Japanese car is going to feel light and somewhat flimsy when you’re used to driving a nice solid German car!

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