What I Need for X-mas

I don’t need world peace. I don’t need the new Nerf Vulcan. I don’t even need to see Julie in the 2008 Victoria’s Secret Diamond Fantasy Bra (hmmm… naaaaah).

You know what I need for xmas?

Critical Thinking.

That’s what I want. I want people to apply principles of critical thinking to stuff. If that could happen, I would be a happy man, indeed. There are far too many examples of the world not working because of really bad thought processes.

Instead, if people would not jump on bandwagons, not listen to pop-activists, stop valuing celebrities opinions, do more research than using “I’m feeling lucky” on google, not get their news from late night monologues–if people would read more, listen to other’s opinions instead of just waiting for the turn to speak, structure arguments with facts instead of emotion, and generally investigate claims, then maybe the problems of the world can finally take a back seat to all this progress that’s being made, and we can all have a happy new year.

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  1. No, you’re stupid!

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