181 Pushups, 258 Situps, and a Bit of Walking

Almost didn’t make this one. In fact, I stumbled during the pushups and I did a couple extra situps that I didn’t have to:

Pushups: 36, 40, (11), 30, 24, 40
Situps: 54, 60, 45(+3), 36, 60

Doing the set of 30 pushups I collapsed of exhaustion at 11. I waited an extra minute (normally only 60 seconds break between sets) and redid the set of 30 and continued from there successfully. Doing the situps I misread the instructions and did 48 instead of 45 on the third set.

I’m really quite exhausted this time around. I am doing this set during the day, because of a late start this morning. I’ll blame daylight savings time.

I did go for a short walk to and from Cup and Saucer, which is a fine place to eat breakfast. It’s about a half mile each way.

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