Westfield Walking With Wife

Walked down to the Westfield Shoppingtown Oakridge today.

It’s a little over 2 miles each way, and we averaged about 3.3 mph.The outbound heart rate was about 119 bpm and the inbound lap had my average heart rate around 129 bpm. I think I do my best stuff above 130, but it’s still pretty good. Julie’s HRM says she was around 135 for the walk, so I guess I need to do extra stuff to amp it up.

We had a nice lunch at Rubio‘s in the mall, and I figured out my perfect Rubio’s meal: Fiesta Salad w/o dressing (throw on the salsa instead) and any of the “street tacos” which makes it 6 points for the salad plus 2 for chicken or carnitas and 3 for steak for a total of 8 or 9 points. Under 10 points but I get 4 veggie checks, a dairy, an oil, and it tastes good is awesome.

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