Who Needs a Car Anyway?

Had some car trouble today, so I decided to bring it into the shop. It decided to leak some coolant fluid which is funny because it is normally green, and today’s St. Patrick’s Day.

I knew it might be awhile, so I grabbed my water bottle, put on my HRM and my sunglasses and started walking.

My mechanic is Autowerkstat which is “Auto Workshop” in German. As you might guess they specialize in German automobiles, usually of the VW and Audi flavors. They do good work, and according to my HRM/GPS they’re 3.81 miles away.

I averaged 3.52 mph to get home from there which is pretty impressive since Blossom Hill Road has all those annoying stoplights. The more impressive thing is I was able to get my average heart rate up to 147bpm which is high in the good aerobic range for me (at about 78% of my theoretical max heart rate). The last mile of travel had my heart rate above 150 almost constantly. I was in high gear for about 20 minutes. I was in the “anaerobic endurance” range (above 80% of max heart rate) which means I’m going to be sore tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll be able to get my car back.

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  1. kevin

    You know what’s also “green”? Not driving.
    You know what isn’t? Exercising, think about all that extra carbon dioxide you’re exhaling.

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