Post Jury Duty Walk to Lunch

Spent the morning in the “Jury Assembly Area” at the Santa Clara County Hall of Justice in San Jose. The court case was settled without trial so we were dismissed though I still spent 3 hours next to people I’d rather not spend time with. If these are the “peers” of the “jury of my peers” I hope I never have to go to court.

Anyway, walked to and from Malibu Grill for lunch in order to get outside and enjoy the day. It’s a little over a mile each way and on the way out I tried walking in intervals of 1:30 sprint and 0:30 slower walk. That got my heart rate up super quick. Oddly enough, though, I just walked back kinda briskly and the return trip was faster. I did, however, spend more time in the good cardio zone on the way out, so I guess intervals are better than steady state cardio? More research is necessary.

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