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Berlin Work Trip Day 1: Flying and Whatnot

Not too much to report, mostly because I was in a plane for most of the day. I did learn a few things, and I had two beers. Not a bad start.

First up was that German can be spoken very fast, but it is really only a few words. It’s just that the words are long like crazy. I did make a few attempts to say a few things and was able to knock out (successfully) the following:

  • asking for a receipt using the word (Quittung) and not just the universal “draw a receipt with your forefingers and thumbs” motion — this one’s big since I need to keep receipts for expense reports!
  • Calling a waiter with excuse me (Entschuldigung) — I frequently find myself apologizing or otherwise trying to awkwardly interject
  • Remembering the word for pharmacy (apotheke) for my coworker who needed some cough medicine — luckily it’s the same-ish as the old-school word apothecary, and in Norway (apotek) since I needed it there for some anti-itch hydrocortisone
  • Bonus points for navigating a restaurant menu, though I did have a lot of extra help because I’m with Italian food names (it was an Italian restaurant!)
  • My “Sprechen sie Englisch” has been successfully deployed a few times also. Still, I’m already wearing my Lonely Planet German phrasebook pretty well.

    The second thing I learned is that I’m the only one on my team that was awake today which means I’ll likely be the only person who will not be jetlagged tomorrow. We’ll see how that works out.

    Finally, I had two beers. I didn’t get a picture of the second one, it was just some random one at dinner, but it was served in a 0.5L glass. Yummm. The other one was at the hotel bar while waiting for my napping coworkers. It’s a Schlösser Alt.

    Not bad

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