Today in Food: Saturday 1/19/2013

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2 biggish meals today – one out at Scramblz, the other at home.

Breakfast: Scrambl’z breakfast with some swapping with Julie
2 eggs over easy
3 strips bacon (one donated to Julie)
1 link italian sausage
2 cups spinach (steamed)
3 jalapenos

Dinner: Butter Chicken with Okra
Have to look up the exact recipe, but cook chicken breast chunks in ghee, remove then add more ghee and cook some spices (garam masala-like) then put chicken back in and add coconut milk and tomato puree.
We added a step of a bunch of cut up okra.

Snack: Pickle.

Maybe a tad low, but I felt pretty good and both meals were pretty big. 6+ veggies if you count the tomato puree (which I do!). That breakfast spinach is uber healthy.

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