Today in Food: Sunday 1/20/2013

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Two meals today again. One was a very simple breakfast, the other was a fairly elaborate set of foods for the NFC Championship game (GO NINERS!)

2 eggs
3 slices bacon

Lunch, continual afternoon eating:
6 Deviled Eggs (mixed with mustard and hot sauce)
some celery (guessing 5-ish sticks)
1 oz nuts (or so)
3 bacon and chive sweet potato biscuits – pretty tasty, though maybe could have been crispier… bacon was nice element.
2 apple cinnamon cookies – also good and I wish a little firmer, but very yummy.
a bunch (6+ oz) of homemade carnitas – one of my favorite recipes and (a) super cheap and (b) pretty simple. I do it in the slow cooker then take it out and broil it in batches, rotating every few minutes to crisp it up. Taste is *right* on.

4ish veggies. I counted the celery, 2 sweet potato servings, and 1/2 apple’s worth, though I’m probably overstating. Also pretty calorically and carb dense. Usually I’m not a fan of desserts in general, and they are kinda frowned upon in a very strict paleo sense, but i’m growing more and more dissatisfied with the strictness. Plus, homemade is hard to argue with. I will just keep it going. 11 more days. I will make it.

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