Today in Food: Monday 1/21/2013

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Fast Day! Leftover Carnitas on top of salad with many additions.

8 oz carnitas (still have a lot left…)
1/2 avocado
1 roma tomato
2 jalapenos
2 tbsp salsa
1 tbsp of olive oil
1/2 head of butter lettuce – Julie made lettuce cups, I just tumbled it all together

hard boiled egg
last of the bacon-chive sweet potato biscuits (yum)
late night coconut water

Low day calorically and maybe protein-wise, too. Have to make sure I’m not losing muscle, so I will keep an eye on that this week. Good veggies for a fast day – got 6, I’d say. Last full week of the Whole30, so I want to cap it off right.

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