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Edwardian Faire 2013

Had a fine time at the Edwardian Faire at the Regency Center in SF last weekend. took a few (i.e. not enough) pictures and generally looked awesome walking around among the goths, steampunks, pirates, ship captains, and really fancy individuals. Julie had a corset on, and looked pretty to die for. She got the fancy skirt in Seattle. I’m still not 100% sure how she did that with her hair, but it involved curlers and a bunch of tiny barrettes. Yep. I know what barrettes are.
We love our shoes! Fluevog: “Michael” (mine) and “Merci” (hers).
My suit was a Men’s Wearhouse special, and I love the way I look. The leather vest was an Xmas gift. The tie plus tuxedo wing collared shirt was the best I could do, and it’s not bad looking. The Bowler was acquired onsite at the vendor bazaar.

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