Don’t Trust Anyone Over… Aw, Man!

Today I turn Thirty-One.

Maybe I’ll spend the day recapping the last year and forecasting for the next. Or maybe I’ll be drunk.

In any case, I don’t feel necessarily older or wiser, but I have done a few things of note since turning 30.

I feel more fit than I’ve been since high school (which is to say thirteen years ago). A combination of a somewhat loosely followed Weight Watchers program plus a revolving set of quasi-regular exercise has helped that. Also, trying to keep pace with my fabulous wife who keeps getting more attractive every day means more than a little bodywork is necessary. Have you seen her recently? HOT!

Motivated by eating healthier, I’ve been trying to cook tasty things more.

I play the ukulele a bit better than I did last year, and I now have an international fan base having played amplified in Norway. My goal this year is to record at least 10 songs and post them somewhere. Maybe even just here. A while ago I found a freely released album of ukulele covers from the band Ukebucket. I’m jealous they got a version of “Hey Julie” out before I did. Must try harder!

Having finally set up my website [link needed] I have been blogging… a lot. I used to hate the term blogging. OK, I still do. In any case, I have been doing it and enjoying the posting. Especially since now I can post from my iphone, so I have no excuse to keep y’all in the loop. I’m trying to be all “web 2.0” and am using twitter and facebook, though I don’t quite embrace the culture yet. Better do it before I get too old and crotchety.

I will admit to one major addiction this year, and its name is Rock Band. I will speak no more of this lest the plastic instruments awaken.

Overall, I’m very happy and grateful for my friends and family that keep my life great with a special shout-out to Julie who gives me the greatest present every day: her love.

Happy Birthday to Me!

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