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Two Words: Sam’s BBQ

For my birthday dinner we went to the always excellent Sam’s BBQ on Bascom which is so close to Streetlight Records that we have to fight really hard against its gravitational pull. I’ve had a rib-revival and I have developed a good taste for tasty baby-back ribs, and Sam’s knows how to do ’em right. I got the half-rack and enjoyed it immensely. I considered taking an “after” picture as well, but I didn’t want to get my phone all greasy with bbq sauce.

As luck would have it, a very decent (though seemingly unnamed) bluegrass band was playing in the patio area, so we got to see them as we ate. There was a pedal steel guitar, dobro, rhythm guitar, mandolin, and my favorite: stand-up bass. The pedal steel guitarist also switched to banjo for some songs. And the stand-up bass player was fairly fetching. Then again, I think women-playing-bass is its own category of hot: e.g. Sik Luv, Devil Doll, and DeVotchKa. Major props to them for doing “Man of Constant Sorrow” from (most notably) O, Brother Where Art Thou?

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