Sledging (Now With Statistics!)

Tried sledging with my HRM watch and chest strap today. A little cumbersome, but not impeding, though I did take the watch off because I hate wristwatches in general. Let’s see how I did.

Did 4 intervals of about 4.5 minutes each, started with the 8lb sledgehammer then alternated to the 6lb.

Interval 1: 108 bpm, 120 bpm
Interval 2: 124 bpm, 131 bpm
Interval 3: 137 bpm, 149 bpm
Interval 4: 144 bpm, 153 bpm

That’s average and max beats per minute. I found out today my resting heart rate is 69 bpm, and my theoretical maximum is 189. If I use the Karvonen method of measuring heart rate, the first interval is totally in warm up, second one’s in Zone 2 (fitness), third one is about half Zone 2 and half Zone 3 (Aerobic), and the last one’s all Zone 3, so that means I did about 7 minutes of good cardio.

Everything I’ve read says Zone 3 is the place to be. I’m thinking I may have to add another set on the end to take advantage of this.

I can really see which movements amp up the heart rate — specifically the “bashing the door” motion and the passing from hand-to-hand one. I’ll detail these later. I probably need a shower.

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