Walk to Scrambl’z

Another walk to local breakfast place Scrambl’z.

It’s about 2 miles each way. On the way out I tried my intervals of 1:30 fast walking, 0:30 medium pace walking. It’s pretty clear on my HRM graph where the sprints and the rests were: I get a slanty staircase looking graph. Average speed was 3.66mph and heart rate was 137bpm outbound. Again, though, the way back was done as a steady state walk and my average speed was lower but my heart rate faster: 3.48mph and 151bpm. I think that means my sprint intervals have to be at higher intensity… except I *really* hate running. I think I’ll just stick to walking as steady state cardio and do interval cardio on the bike (once I replace the tire I blew out Saturday). Tomorrow the return of sledging!

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