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100 Pushups, 200 Situps

two hundred situpshundred pushups
I did my final test and made 100 pushups today. I did my 200 situps Saturday, so I’m done. That was phenomenally hard. In fact, I failed the pushups test I attempted Saturday (only made 70) then I hurt my back somehow so I waited until today to retest.

I started this the second week of February with only 27 pushups and 51 situps, and I have done 2290 Pushups and 3392 Situps.


So what did we learn? Is 100 continuous pushups or 200 continuous situps impressive milestones? Yes. Do I feel like this is a worthwhile workout? Maybe not. Do I look better with my shirt off? A little.

It was definitely impressive from an achievement point of view, and I definitely look ok having done all that exercise, but I think in the final accounting, I found myself unhappy doing my exercise, and the workout levels were not enough from a cardio point of view nor really from a muscle building point of view. The workouts isolate the muscle groups too tightly. That’s why I miss the sledging which definitely involves more muscle groups at once. Burpees are also more effective: involving the legs and abs more as well as increasing the heart rate significantly. Also with more research it looks like situps are not the best for abs anyway; isometric exercise such as planks are more effective.

I’m still going to work out, and I’m still proud I made my goals. I think I need to make some new goals and a new workout. Let’s see what we have.

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