Let’s Go Giants!

Drove up with my friend Hannah to see the Giants’ Opening Day Game in San Francisco at 3ComPacBell…AT&T Park. Forecast was heavy rain, thundershowers, and hail. All we noticed were ballpark sausages, garlic fries, and home runs. Go Giants!

I have to thank Hannah’s relatives for getting us the opening day ticket hookup as they are season ticket holders. If I can make myself financially solvent again I should really get Sharks season tix. Our seats were up in section 304, and they were killer — Row A, seats 20 and 21. It was a pretty low traffic row, and a fine spot to watch the Giants win 10 to 6 over the Milwaukee Brewers.

Took a bit of time getting up to our seats, and not because we came in on the opposite side entrance and had to walk the entire stadium length on the outside, but because we came up via 101 and followed the traffic (since the signage was pretty nonexistent) to the permit-only lot while we needed the cash lot… which is way-the-heck over on Pier 30. Next time, take 280 since it dumps you directly onto KingWillie Mays Way… The Embaradero which is easiest to get to the cash lot. Alternately, take the train which is about a hundred thousand times easier.

The first inning was a great opener with a bases loaded, RBI triple. A nice 3-0 lead to start was good stuff. In the second inning, the first Giants home run meant it was time to get some food. I got a hot link and some nachos then came back and the Brewers had also come back and made it a 1 run game, so I hung out for a little longer, cheering and clapping. All the while the skies were dark, and it sprinkled a little, but the rain never really kicked in. Fourth inning was kinda rough to watch as the Brewers took a lead briefly for the top of the inning, but the Giants came back with 2 more and eventually held the Brewers scoreless to the last inning while driving in 2 more home runs. Pitching seemed to get a little sloppy on both sides and it seemed like every relief pitcher came out. The Giants scored with bases loaded because the pitcher walked the batter, and the Brewers took advantage of some sloppy fielding gaining some extra bases including a run after an overthrow to the shortstop.

Somewhere in there, I got the infamous garlic fries and why not, a black and tan with harp and guinness. If I’m going to pay $8.50 for a beer, better make it a tasty one.

All this was rendered great because sometime in the 6th inning the sun came out and it became an excellent day for baseball.

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