Post Office Walk & Lunch at Scrambl’z

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor dead of night.. nor any of those, really.

Walked 2.5 miles to the “Robertsville” post office to drop off our tax forms. I used the self-service counter to avoid the line only to be stuck behind someone that had never read anything before. He was using his finger to read along with the options… except it’s a touch screen so he accidentally clicked it a couple times. I offered to help, but he gave me the eye, so I just stood patiently. Then I messed up and put my flat mailer in the packages delivery bin; the workers there said everyone does it and it should be ok.

Walked back along Almaden and stopped at Scrambl’z for lunch which I may have to moderate after I noticed I paid $17 for a salad and an iced tea including tax and tip. At least it’s not a chain so I’m the supporting local economy.

At Scrambl’z the waitress noticed my HRM/GPS watch and we geeked out about it for a little bit. It is kinda noticeable. I’ll write this up soon.

Total walk was 5 miles, average of about 3.4 mph with my heart rate around 130 bpm. The inbound leg was faster with a better heart rate (again). I should maybe figure out why.

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  1. kevin

    Is “Robertsville” in quotes because it’s code for something?

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