Hey Exercising Again!

After a great trip to Hawaii (that I still have not written up), and a couple weeks of lazy-living, I have finally gotten back on the exercise horse. Isometrics, sledging, walking, burpees, it’s all good.

Yesterday I did about 15 minutes of isometrics which doesn’t sound like a lot, but if you can hold a plank for more than 2 minutes straight, I salute you. I did a few of each for one to two minutes of standard plank, side plank, wall sit, and the v-sit. These are mostly abs workouts and they are supposed to be better than plain old situps. I also did 6 rounds of sledging alternating between 6 and 8 pounds. Going at full tilt this takes about 30 minutes. I ended with a small set of burpees, only about 5 minutes worth, which is still a lot of expended energy. Definitely worked after all of that. Mon/Wed/Fri should be my strength days, Tue/Thu/Sat are my cardio days.

Today I walked to and from La Vic’s to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. I love all of the beer holidays (St. Patrick’s, Oktoberfest), and this is no exception. I had the infamous orange sauce with my burrito and had a nice Pacifico with lime at home. The walk is a little short of 2 miles, but I kept my heart rate above 140 in both directions, so it was a very worthwhile go.

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