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Monday Sledging with Burpees and a New Hammer!

I bought a new sledgehammer today, a very righteous 10 pound hammer of healthifying. After a quick 15 count of burpees, I rotated it in lightly today still working with the 6lb and 8lb so I did an interval of 10 with the 6lb, 11 with the 8lb, 12 with the 10lb, 13 with the 6lb, 14 with the 8lb, and 15 with the 10lb. Ouch. That 15 interval is normally wicked-hard, and I was definitely moving more slowly with the heavier hammer. My HRM numbers were slightly higher with the average of 134 and a high of 158bpm–all completed in 34 minutes. I will continue this set for 2 weeks before making any changes to see how it affects me.

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  1. Kevin

    +10 STR, -3 DEX?

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