Friday Sledging (Plus Dive Bombers and Planks)

Threw down a set of sledging with the new hammer. I did a set of planks during commercials on TV– each commercial is about 30 seconds so with 6 commercials that’s enough for two side planks and a front plank each for a minute which is harder than you think… plus I don’t have to count or look at a clock. I added a set of 15 dive bomber pushups and then did jumping jacks until my heart rate was about 140 for warmup. I did an ascending set of 10-15 (6 intervals) rotating the hammers through 6,8,10,6,8,10 lbs. The intervals with the 10lbs are much harder. HRM says 143 average and 162 max bpm which is great. My last interval’s average was 149 bpm. Finished in 33 minutes which is just right.

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