Monday Sledging!

Back on the MWF schedule for now. Mainly because the TuTrSu schedule bombed after I didn’t work out yesterday. I’ll blame daylight savings time.

Today’s workout was pretty good. HRM says I finished in 30:38 with an average of 148bpm and a max of 166. Maybe not the best workout, but certainly effective as everything was above the zone 2 breakpoint of 133, and I didn’t start redlining (above 170) so everything’s in it’s right place.

Weight, however, didn’t go so well — I ticked up to an even 172 lbs (up almost 2.5 lbs) with fat % ticking up to 30.6% (up from 30.2). This may be because I didn’t work out 3 times last week or maybe because I ate dinner a lot later on Sunday; and I again for both, I’ll blame daylight savings time.

Just gotta hit it hard this week.

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