Saturday Sledging!

Sledging’s back. Hopefully this time for good. I did a quick set on Tuesday, mostly to see if I could, but I didn’t wear my HRM. Today I wore it and did the full set. HRM says I finished in 30:34 with an average of 151bpm and a max of 171. Right back to fighting level. Graph looks good as usual. Additionally I did the set outside and was wearing my new Vibram FiveFingers (Black KomodoSports!)

Just a note, I did the full set (which I haven’t described in a while):
Three 1-minute planks: front, right, and left: on forearms, straight back and legs
25 Jumping Jacks
15 25-lb kettlebell swings between the legs
10 burpees (standing, squat down, push legs out to push up position, do pushup, bring legs back under for squat, jump up!)

Ascending set, alternating 8lb and 10lb hammers with burpees:
start at 10-reps per motion, then 5 burpees
switch to 10 lb hammer, then do set of 11 reps with 6 burpees,
back to 8lb hammer, 12 and 7, etc…

Sledgehammer Motions:
Shovel and toss, hammer downwards, hammer down door, thrust hammer to face, poke up behind back, churn butter, forearm curl, side twist, extended arm pass, squat (all reps done on both sides)

Hearty. Now I need protein.

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