Monday Sledging!

Happy Monday. Phew. I attempted the set from Friday where I added 5 burpees to each interval (ascending 10-15 along with the sledging reps) and I made it, though I had to rest twice to get my heartrate under 170 after the burpees. HRM says I finished in 32:05 though it was probably more like 34 with the rest breaks. Averaged 149bpm and maxed at 172. The graph isn’t as smooth as it could be. There’s definite sharp spikes where the burpees are, and I’d rather have a smoother curve. I think I’ll stick to 5->10 burpees ascending and throw in extras gradually (maybe once a week) but maybe not quite this many.

Weigh in this week was somewhat disappointing with weight coming up again to 169.8lbs and fat % up to 31.2%. I seem to be oscillating up and down but there does seem to be an average weight loss over the last few months. Just like the exercise I’d rather this were a smooth graph instead of spiking up and down, but I just have to keep on it.

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