Return of Sledging!

Actually got back on sledging today. I’d gotten off it for a couple months while I tried out the new and different diet (the Primal one, remember?) and it’s been working out to the tune of a pound a week — perfect!) , so I figured if I add a directed workout and keep the intake the same, I should just watch the pounds fall away. We shall see.

Today’s workout was the normal round of sledging, and HRM says I finished it in 31:46 with an average of 144bpm and a max of 170. A little slow, but the heartrate’s right on. I did the full set: 25 25-lb kettlebell swings, 50 jumping jacks, 1 minute each front, left, right planks, 10 burpees, then an increasing cycle from 10-15 reps of sledging and more burpees. Welcome back to workouts!

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